Monday, January 29, 2018

Charity quilts

These are quiltsqthat I have made for Robin's Nest, a Children's Advocacy Center in town. The children who go through their get to use a quilt for a physical exam cover. And afterwards to get to take it home with them

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Quilt for Leah

I made this quilt back at a retreat. I was saving this for someone special. 

Then my friend Leah got pregnant with her 4th child and I knew who to give this to! 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

interview with a kid

I saw this go around on facebook again and wanted to try this with the kids

Abigail, age 5 (i let her go back and fill in the i dont knows)

What is your name? Abigail
When is your birthday: I dont know....26 and i know its in april
How old are you? 5
How old is mommy? I dont know....25
What is your favourite colour? purple
What is your favourite food? chocolate bagles
Who is your best friend? arlee
What is your favourite animal? girafes
What are you scared of? rats
What's your favourite tv show? umm... lego friends
What makes you sad? no kiss goodbye
What makes you happy? playing with my dolls
Where is your favourite place to go? to grandmas and pakes
What do you want to be when you grow up? a princess
What does love mean? i dont know .... you really like it. 

Zeke, Age 8

What is your name? Ezekeil Thomas DeBaeremaeker
When is your birthday: birthdate?>Oct 15, 2009
How old are you? 8
How old is mommy? Thirty..... five
What is your favourite colour?  dark Green
What is your favourite food? go-gurt
Who is your best friend? Greyson
What is your favourite animal? cheetah
What are you scared of? uhhh....wasps
What's your favourite tv show? oh man... streach armstrong and the flex fighters (new Netflix show)
What makes you sad? when my lego creations fall apart
What makes you happy? playing minecraft
Where is your favourite place to go? Canada!!
What do you want to be when you grow up? it will be a lot of writing... make new minecraft games, make mine craft comics, make minecraft lego sets, make minecraft movies and videos
What does love mean? you really like something or someone

Friday, September 22, 2017

A quilt for Mardi

Mardi has been taking me home from quilt retreats for years. 

So I decided to make her a little wall hanging.  Maybe 2 feet x2 feet. 

I had made this quilt previously and brought it to retreat to quilt and finish it. 

I even added a hanging sleeve

Curtain for preschool

I was asked by abigials preschool teachers from last year to make a cabinet curtain for them.

I had some half yards of fabric and came up with this.

I used velcro to attach it

Monday, July 31, 2017

Michelles Quilt

My longest friend Michelle moved into a new place last year.
I made this quilt for her. I have been meaning to do a plus quilt for a long time. Finally at spring retreat I was able to make this. 

I did it in one day. drew out the plans. cut it up. sewed, basted, quilted and bound before midnight!

She loves orange. Her house is in greys. and she loves butterflies. 

Plus it looks really good on my moms porch

I was goign to write the year and then wrote my postal code... lol! I fit the year on after all. 

She loves it!

Looks awesome on her couch

and good on her chair too!

new van

well , we were not planning buying a van quite so soon. 
But a pre road trip inspection came up with a few things that needed done so while we were waiting on the inspection i wondered the car lot and found a van i liked.
I took it to Dave in Lenoir and he liked it too.

So we bought it. We didnt get a whole lot for the trade in value but the trade in covered the extended warranty. 
our old van and new

A brand new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica 
we signed the paperwork on it and it only had 83 miles on it! most of those were put on taking for a test drive to lenoir and back

Michelle our sales lady at Steve White Motors was excellent. 

kids loved all the new things

and buttons

look at all the pens from the old van!

almost a week later we got in the van and went on a 3 week road trip. 

i think the kids liked it :)

It got slobbered on

a few rain storms

lots of napping

and kids in the far back while we had mom and dad with us

and the best part is the DVD player for trips over 4 hours!

4 weeks and 5000 miles later!

all in all we are very happy with it. 
We love the electronic stuff like the push button start and automatic doors and hatch. 

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